Mini Challenge: Collections

Hey yall,

Princess Bookie is hosting a redesigned cover contest (which I entered, by the way!) and shes also doing a series of mini-challenges along the way. Ive fallen behind on my blog this week and I had written a review of DARKER STILL ready to go last night and was about to post itand it deleted. I got so mad. So this is my replacement for now, until I can go back and rewrite it.

I dont really have collections, but I do have collection phases.

For me, that means when Im suddenly obsessed with something and stalk the Internet and the mall and such for that item. I have had many collection phases, all of which I have many.

For example, last year I was obsessed with hair mascara. Hair mascara is that bottle of colored stuff that you streak in your hair using a wand that looks like a mascara wand. I looked everywhere for it. I thought itd be the coolest thing ever to streak my hair all the time, to be artsy. So I went on the prowl for a collection of hair mascara.

I found glow-in-the-dark hair mascara, I found cool chunky streak hair mascara, I found neon colors. I found all that online, but it was really expensive. Finally, it just occurred to me to go to a certain store in the mall, a store that is in almost every mall, and specializes to preteen and teen girls in accessories.

There I found blue, purple, red, blond, green, and black hair mascara. Once I had it, I used it for the next few weeks and got tired of it. Such is the nature of my collections.

But its all good. I have a friend who is broke all the time because once she gets money, she goes to another certain store and blows it all. She has an addiction to shopping and her collection is probably of trendy clothes. She looks cute, but you know, you can only wear one shirt at a time and all, unless youre layering, which you cant really do in Florida.

I have another friend (shout out to you, Katie! The only person in my grade who regularly READS this blog!) who loves loves loves her sewing machine, which isnt exactly a collection, but she has sort of a collection of cool fabrics. When she finds one she likes, shell make us headbands and shell make herself shorts. She is so cool! I wish I could do something like that. She wants to work in fashion and she always looks amazing, so when shes famous, I expect her to remember me :)

My collection (OTHER THAN BOOKS) would probably have to be audiobooks right now. Im obsessed with them because I can read while doing homework.

Im also an insomniac, so it helps me fall asleep. I dont know why but its just the most relaxing thing that I can think of. I think theyre amazing. Right now I have Halo by Alexandra Adornetto and Dreamland by Alyson Noel. I also have out Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging, and The Secret Life of Prince Charming. Although I promptly abandoned The Life of Prince Charming because the reader had an annoying monotone.

I do love them though. They are my current collection and I dont think that Ill forget about them.