Silver Linings: Introduction to Audiobooks

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Its been a while since Ive done a Silver Linings. School has made me feel like Ive been behind on reviews. I actually also really need to update my pages and review archive as well. Today Im talking about audiobooks. Audiobooks are new for me. When I was younger, I remember vividly in kindergarten listening to books while sitting in a beanie bag with huge, leather headphones strapped to my head. Its a strange memory, but its comforting.

Audiobooks are an indulgence that Id never thought that Id try. I dont know how I even started thinking of them again. What I didnt think that Id like about them was that Im a really fast reader. I thought that the slow pace of the reader would frustrate me.

Okay, its confession time. When I was younger, I was up in arms about how my mother wouldnt let me read the Twilight series. This must have been when I was about nine or ten. I would hustle my friends in secret to let me borrow the books from their older sisters. I read New Moon that way.

When I was finished with New Moon, I used my library card to listen to the audiobook of Eclipse online. I would irritate my twin sister Hannah to no end because, in her room, was the only spot of wi-fi. Every night for a month or so, I was camped out underneath my sisters bed, listening to it on my iPod touch and shivering from the air conditioner vent right by my head.

I really liked the narrator, but I could read faster, so I just read conventional books.

Anyways, so sometime in the past few months, I have had the craving for audiobooks.

One of the reasons for this was my excessive amount of homework since August (hint, hint to teachers who might be reading this post!). I couldnt stand having to give up my book for a few hours while I slaved away at my worksheets and textbook exercises. The only homework that I could actually bear was the homework that I could do during class.

One of the other reasons for this was because I am a fan of baths. Bubble baths, to be exact. Theres no better way to unwind after dance class when Im sore and exhausted, or when I have a sleepy day where I want to just read and relax. Anyways, so I was sick of hauling my iHome in there to listen to the radio and I was always terrified that Id drop my book in the water. So audiobooks seemed like the perfect solution.

Honestly, I completely forgot what the other reason was, so just know that audiobooks were on my mind for lots of them.

I was searching online for audiobooks, but I couldnt find any good cheap ones. First of all, I didnt know who I should pick for a narrator. I also didnt know which books that I would prefer to have in print format. When I have a book in one format, I like to keep the rest of the series in that same format. Of course, I make exceptions for longer series such as Vampire Academy and the House of Night books, but other than that its pretty much the same.

For example, I refuse to get Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick until I can go into Barnes and Noble, which I havent gone to in forever. As much as I love my indie (seriously, I adore Inkwood), sometimes they dont have the book that I want. I have the rest of the series in print, so I must have Silence in print as well.

When I was at the library, reading up for a research project, I noticed a tiny little section of audiobooks in the young adult section. I looked at some of the audiobooks and noticed a book that I had been hunting for a while.

This book was called Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison. I had been looking for this one for a while, but I could never find it at the library or at the bookstore. They had later books like Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas and Away Laughing on a Fast Camel and other titles, but they never had the first book.

Needless to say, I picked it up. Now this wasnt completely coincidental because I had been hunting for audiobooks for a while, but I couldnt find any cheap ones. I was planning on looking for an audiobook, but for some reason I thought that I couldnt get one from the library. I know, that was dumb of me.

Anyways, so that night, I started it. This is one book that I will always associate with wet hair and warmth. I know that I did a Silver Lining about the first time reading things, right? So I felt great about it, because the first time that I listened to this, I actually fell asleep.

Im a bit of an insomniac. I can hardly ever fall asleep before midnight unless Im completely exhausted, and during several schoolnights, I was up until four in the morning unable to sleep. Part of this problem may be contributed to the fact that I can literally not put a book down when Im reading at night. I keep telling myself that Ill stop at the end of the chapter, but I never do. But not all of the blame goes to the books. Just the fact that I can never fall asleep.

This book lulled me to sleep, but not in a bad way. More in a first-time-relaxing-in-ages way and a this-is-so-great-to-listen-to and an oh-my-eyes-arent-heavy-and-drooping-but-I-can-read way. I loved it.

The narrators voice was lively and perfect for the character. I felt much more connected to the character than I had with any other way of reading. I cant imagine continuing the series in print or in e-book format, and I simply must find the audiobooks of the next one (theyre on my RAK if anybody would be so kind!) and Im definitely going to continue the series on audio.

Audiobooks are just the perfect solution. I can listen to it on the way to dance, they spice up schoolwork and make me actually LOOK FORWARD to doing homework (crazy, I know, but I got to listen to my audiobook) and they add depth to the story.

In other words, Im obsessed. I have been serial-entering audiobook contests and begging and its one day, my hope to be asked to review audiobooks. I want to make this an audiobook/print book blog. That way you can truly get the reading experience on all different levels and I can listen to my audiobooks.

Im hoping to continue a series of Silver Linings on audiobooks, so be on the lookout for more articles featuring audiobooks on my blog.

Thanks for reading!